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Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day - A Time For Remembering

On Memorial Day lets try something new. Instead of letting the day be all about shopping and the sales going on, take some time to remember those sailors, troops, airmen, marines that have been lost while protecting our freedom. As a Veteran, most people that know me will tell me that they appreciate the fact that I served our country while they were home following their dreams and ambitions.

May 22, 1968, the USS Scorpion was lost at sea. The above picture of the bow section wreckage was taken in 1986. To this day we are not completely sure what happened and theories abound, but let's not focus on the why, but on the brave men who were lost that day. When I was on the USS Louisiana, I served with Chief John Bishop, whose father was the COB on the Scorpion went it was lost. I remember how proud he was of his father and how much he wanted to make his father proud of him.

This year on Memorial Day, take a time out from the sales and shopping to thank a veteran for their service and remember those that died keeping America safe.

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